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Helping two generations at one time

Helping two generations at one time

Helping two generations at one timeHelping two generations at one time

Our History


The first Mom’s House® was started in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1983. Mom’s House® was founded to offer young, abused women with unplanned pregnancies a viable, practical alternative to the despair of abortion and the tragedy of welfare.

The results of our vision to help single parents and their children has been very successful.  The first Mom’s House® has proven to be an international model to 

seven Mom’s Houses® that are now operating in four states with more in development.  

Mom’s House® received a Registered Service Mark from the U.S. Patent Office. President George W. Bush named Mom’s House® the 786th "Points of Light" award winner for our service to helping others.

Mom’s House® combines network of services for parents including a comprehensive support system with a quality child care program. Parents entering the Mom’s House® program continue their education by becoming  full-time students, either in high school or post-secondary school or job training. Each parent agrees, through a written contract, to maintain passing grades and gives three hours of service per week in return for totally free child care, counseling, tutoring, and advocacy support offered by the program.

Mom’s House® lovingly guides the parent to set realistic goals and achieve them. The staff helps each parent to develop self-control as a person and as a parent. This development enables our parent to build self-esteem and self-confidence through self-discipline.

We have many success stories!!  Our Alumni are now working in the professions such as nursing, education, engineering, marketing computer science, medical technology, law, mental health, cosmetology, banking, etc. They have become taxpayers and are able to provide the income necessary to support their family with financial independence and dignity.